Dubrovnik, Croatia

This beautiful city is on the southernmost tip of Croatia and sits right on the Adriatic Sea. Its Old Town is surrounded by a medieval wall. This seaside town is the stuff of fairytales.

  1. City Walls

The Walls of Dubrovnik are a series of defensive stone walls that have surrounded and protected the town since the city’s founding prior to the 7th century. Today’s intact city walls were constructed mainly during the 14th and 15 centuries. Blah blah blah it’s an old wall.

But it’s also really cool. The history is pretty interesting, but the view is better. Make sure you take the time to climb up and walk around the entire perimeter of the old town atop the wall. The endless number of orange rooftops sit right next to the endless blue ocean, and there’s no better perch from which to see them.

We also stayed in the Old Town within the city wall, which was very convenient for getting everywhere we wanted to see, but it was also just the best way to take in the city.


  1. Stradun

Paved with limestone, this pristine street is the hub of Old Town. This pedestrianized avenue is lined with shops and restaurants, but the street itself was what I couldn’t keep my eyes off of. It’s clean and smooth and lovely. Enjoy your stroll, and don’t forget to look up every once in a while.

Don’t forget to exchange your currency for Croatian Kuna before you hit the shops!


  1. Clock Tower

At the end of Stradun, you’ll find an elegant timepiece towering above Luža Square and the Church of Saint Blaise. The face of the clock is a sun, which was the final straw in convincing me that this magical place was the inspiration for the kingdom depicted in Tangled. Don’t take my word for it though, go see for yourself!


  1. Lady PI PI

This restaurant is situated on a lovely outdoor terrace beneath a roof made of grapevines winding through the rafters. We went for brunch and back for dinner the next night. There is a great view of the city night and day and the food is amazing!


  1. Banje Beach

This little white-pebbled beach is the perfect place to spend your afternoon after wandering up and down Stradun and climbing the walls all morning. It’s not too crowded and there are rental stands for kayaks and paddle boards to get you out on the bluer-than-blue water (if you’re into that sort of thing).

  1. Elaphiti Islands

If the beach and the merchant town aren’t quite enough to satisfy your inner pirate, there are daily tours of the nearby islands off the coast. I didn’t get a chance to see them, but I’ve heard they’re beautiful and have some spectacular nature to see.


Enjoy this amazing seaside city! And don’t forget to climb the wall.

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