I grew up in Dallas, Texas and recently graduated from Wheaton College right outside Chicago, where I majored in Economics, minored in French, and learned how to stay warm.

Profession: Brand Planner

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Three Things to Know About Me

I can tell you what your next favorite book is.

I pretty much always have a book on me and am usually in the middle of reading a few. Novels are the crème de la crème of the Dewey Decimals in my personal opinion, but I always like to have some non-fiction in my queue as well. Malcolm Gladwell showed me the light in that arena.

The wide variety of my library has made me a Rolodex of personalized recommendations for everyone in my life, and it may not get me into the Avengers, but it’s the closest thing I’ve got to a superpower.


I appreciate the little things…they come around a lot more often than the big things.

Live piano music in department stores, warm croissants, green lights all the way. There are so many things that make life bright if you take notice, so I make a point to! When I can finally bend enough to pretzel myself into a new yoga pose or the right song comes on at the right time, I make sure to savor it.


I make a point of learning at least one new thing every day.

Some days its a bit of random trivia…

The saying “mad as a hatter” stemmed from hat makers actually going insane from inhaling mercury fumes during the process of curing felt. That’s crazy!…literally.

Other days it’s an epiphany…

Misplacing a card in a 52-card deck gives you 51 new bookmarks.

And some of the best days are when I learn something about myself…

A good conversation in the morning does more for me than any chai latte.