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Case Knives

Case Knives was a new client at McGarrah Jessee when I was an intern, so I took part in the beginning stages of their rebranding.

  • I put together a design brief for the creative team that was used as the basis for the redesign of Case’s annual knife catalog. This comprehensive brief was used as the basis for the creative team as they put together the look and overarching message of the new design. The creative team came up with two different creative directions that were presented to the client.
  • I also compiled comprehensive competitive research for the pocket knife category and used it to derive overall category conventions. I was asked to focus on the layout, content, and features of competitor websites, which was used to redesign Case’s website into what it is now.

Case Website



When I was interning for McGarrah Jessee, Chaco Footwear was in the process of shopping for a new agency. We were putting together a bid for their business, so I was asked to conduct on-site interviews and gather perceptions from various retailers who carry the Chaco brand and have a broad view of the industry.

After conducting interviews in Austin and Denver at REI, Journeys, St. Bernard, and Whole Earth Provisions, I condensed my findings into what I felt were the common themes and most important takeaways.

McGarrah Jessee won the business.


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Skinny Pop/Tyrrells

Amplify Snacks, which owns Skinny Pop, was in the process of acquiring the British potato “crisp” company Tyrrells in 2016. I was asked to compile competitor research on the kettle-cooked potato chip market and derive a comprehensive analysis of the category as a whole to see where Tyrrells might fit into it.




YETI wanted to focus more on apparel for women and children in their fall line to expand their brand reach, so I put together a brief for the creative team to use a basis for designing this new facet of YETI apparel.

I also made a presentation to showcase the desired design elements and color palettes. This was based on research of what YETI customers had previously preferred and what comparable brands included in their designs.


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RKD Group

During my internship at RKD Group, one of my main projects was to work with the team that was rebranding the agency itself. I wrote case studies of their past work to showcase their capabilities for the RKD website, which are currently featured on the agency’s website.

RKD Group Website | Work