Reading List

I love books. There, I said it. And even though I have an extremely long list of books that I have no doubt will keep me busy for the foreseeable future, I still find myself asking everyone for recommendations and looking up “must-read” lists. A lot of these lists, however, are only for certain categories of books—”Classics” or “20 Books to Read Before You Die” or “Best Books for Twenty-Somethings.”

The most helpful basis for my personal reading list actually came from looking up all of the books that Rory read throughout the show Gilmore Girls because it had such a wide variety.

So, I decided to make my own little digital shelf for people to peruse in case getting lost in lists is a common affliction for my fellow bookworms. And here it is—my two cents about what pages I think you should get lost in. I made the list end with number one to build the suspense…not to make you curious enough to scroll to the bottom…don’t be so paranoid.

Feel free to message me for the type of book you’re looking for and I’ll write you a personalized prescription if none of these are calling to you!